Quad Modulator Module - TPG460

Four modules per single rack mount frame. Four channels of QAM, DVB-T and 8VSB modulation per module. 16 channels of QAM, DVB-T and 8VSB modulator take signal from Giga bit Ethernet, DVB-ASI and SMPTE-310M as well as internal MicroSD Card stream file play.

QuadModulator, TPG460, Features

- Up to four modules installed in 1RU frame, TLV440R V1.

- Digital television RF modulator via TS (DVB-ASI/SMPTE-310M auto detection), IP input and transport stream file play.


CMMB, ATSC-M/H, 2nd-8VSB, 3rd-8VSB, 4th-8VSB, 2nd-QAM, 3rd-QAM, 4th-QAM, 2nd-DVB-T, 3rd-DVB-T, 4th-DVB-T modulation options available.

- ATSC 3.0 and IQ_Play modulation options NOT available. DVB-T2, ISDB-S, and Quad DVB-T options do not support IP RX/TX. Dual DVB-T support IP RX/TX.

- Programmable RF output frequency 55~2150MHz. (1Hz step)

- Programmable RF output level -80 ~ 0dBm. (0.1dB step)

- Superposition white noise over modulated signal and control the output C/N ratio.

- Four BNC connectors which can be DVB-ASI input, SMPTE-310M input, DVB-ASI output.

- TS transmission/reception over IP. (UDP/RTP mode)

- Remote control using ModulatorConsole software available for Windows 7/8/10 32bit / 64bit and Linux 32bit / 64bit.

- SNMP management supported.

- IP FEC supported. (PRO-MPEG parity)

- One channel Gigabit Ethernet IP output.

- 14dB VHF/UHF amplifier option (Model TRF2032) available. (-66 ~ +14dBm, 0.1dB step)

1RU Penta Frame, TLV440R V1, Features

- May install five modules per frame.

- Up to four modulator module installed.

- One 12V 8.5A power supply module installed.

TPG460 Brochure

ModulatorConsole Manual

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