TVB59X - maximum TS play/record speed

Post date: Oct 1, 2010 2:28:30 AM

1. ASI input: maximum Mbps possible?

Maxmum record speed

TVB590C: 340Mbps

TVB595C/TVB597A: 230Mbps

TVB597A and TVB595C has identical performance.

2. USB: is it possible to have a TS at 74Mbits/s for DVB-T or DVB-S2

Maximum playback speed

TVB590C: 500Mbps

TVB595C/TVB597A: 220Mbps

USB interface throughput itself is fast enough. But DVB-S2 symbol

rate is limited to 45MHz.

3. DVB-S2 and TVB595: Currently limited to 22Mbps. Is this limitation

present for TVB597?

Without RRC, the maximum symbol rate is 45MHz and With RRC filter on,

the maximum symbol rate is 22.5MHz for TVB595C/597A.