TVB400S/TAV910A/TLV410S Firmware

Follow this instruction if the receiver has a USB port and binary firmware image file. In this case, you may upgrade the receiver with USB memory stick.

1. Unzip the zip file. Copy the recent version of firmware .TOT to any USB memory stick. The USB memory stick should be formatted with FAT16 or FAT32 file system.

2. Plug the USB memory stick to the USB port on the rear panel of the receiver.


4. After all contents of the binary firmware file are transferred, wait a couple of minutes to write new firmware data on the flash ROM of the receiver.

5. When the upgrade is finished, the receiver will ask to reboot it. Please recycle the power of the receiver. - Firmware for TLV400S/TAV910A v1, v2, v3 (Model without DVB-CI) - Firmware for TLV400S/TAV910A v4, v5, v6 - Firmware for TLV400S/TAV910A v7. - Firmware for TLV410S.

Proper firmware version depending on the hardware version.

- For TLV400S/TAV910A v1, v2 and v3, FW version 3.x.x.

- For TLV400S/TAV910A v4, v5 and v6, FW version 4.x.x.

- For TLV400S/TAV910A v7, FW version 5.x.x.

How to tell TLV400S/TAV910A hardware version using serial number

1. v1, v2


2. v3 ~ ~ ~ ~

3. v4 ~ ~ ~ ~

4. v5 ~

5. v6 ~ ~

5. v7 ~