FAQ - TVB59X General

Post date: Sep 28, 2010 6:33:29 AM

1. Need Manual, Application or Firmware? You can download the software from http://ftp.teleview.com using ID:TELEVIEW\Guest and password teleview.

2. Forgot license number? - In order to check the license number, we need to know the serial number of the modulator.

So please contact us, sales@teleview.com, and inform us of the serial number of the modulator. The serial number has 16 digits starting with 23.~.

3. Where can I find drivers for Teleview products? - We provide Linux Drivers and Packages when you purchase our modulator products. Please contact us, sales@teleview.com.

4.Stream sharing - It may be protected under copyright. So we are not allowed to give and accept copyrighted stream without permission or authorizaion. And this is piracy of intellectual property, also known as copyright infringement.

5. Lost the last settings? - In order to save the settings, please close the application before DC power off. If you turn the DC power off without closing the application, TVB595C does not save the last settings.

6. Can not install device driver?

- You may see "Refer the log files at the installation folder" message. Please check the device driver setting as followed.

PCI type : Right-click on My Computer → Properties → Hardware(Tab) → Device Manager(button) → Sound,Video and Game controllers. PCI type driver will be listed here.

USB type : Right-click on My Computer → Properties → Hardware(Tab) → Device Manager(button). USB type driver will be listed here.

If the device driver is still not installed, please re-install the device driver. You can refer to the manual page 6, '5. Driver Installation'.

7. License error or software error in old version software? - You can remove the old version and execute the latest version. * How to remove? Go to Control Panel → Add/Remove Programs. Remove the old version. And install the latest version. - You can remove the existing registry. * How to remove? Start → Run → regedit → HKEY_CURRENT_USER → Software → VB and VBA Program Settings. Remove the related slot board.

8. During using USB board, what do LED colors stand for and their meanings?

Green - Power on

Flashing Yellow - stream play or recording

Red - Fault

9. Want to know Frequency Table? - Please use RF Frequency Table in the sub-menu of the software.

10. Other technical support - Having problems with a Teleview products? Get in touch with us, sales@teleview.com.