TVB597LAN Software

How to upgrade TVB597LAN firmware.

1. Execute the TVBManager

2. Click [Tool] button on TVBManager, and [UPGRADE FIRMWARE] button.

3. Click [File] button.

4. Select [TVB597LAN_Vx.x.1x.TOT] file.

5. Click [UPGRADE] button.

6. TVB597LAN: Latest software for TVB597LAN v3 is available from and Latest software for TVB597LAN v2 is from

How to tell TVB597LAN hardware version using serial number attached on the bottom of the case.

TVB597LAN v1 SN: 23.23.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx

TVB597LAN v2 SN: 23.25.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx

TVB597LAN v3 SN: 23.26.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx

TVB597LAN v4 SN: 23.29.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx

Hardware Differences between TVB597LAN v1, v2, v3 and v4

1. Differences between TVB597LAN v1 and v2 ~ v4

- CPU was STI7100 for v1. CPU for v2, v3 and v4 is Samsung S5PV210 (Cortex-8).

- Case of v1 has five BNC connectors while v2, v3 and v4 have four BNC connectors.

2. Difference between TVB597LAN v2 and v3 ~ v4

- TVB597LAN v2 has 10/100Mbps SMSC LAN9220 ethernet chip, while v3 has 1000Mbps ASIX AX88178 ethernet chip.

3. Differences between TVB597LAN v3 and v4

- TVB597LAN v3 has TVB597A v3 board inside. TVB597LAN v4 has TVB597A v4 board inside.

Firmware version 3.0.x for TVB597LAN v3 and v4

TVB597LAN software: Latest software (TOT version 3.0.13) of TVB59X is available from

Old firmware version - v3.0.0 ~ v3.0.9 support TVB597LAN v3 only not v4 while v3.0.10 and later support TVB597LAN v3 and v4.

- 3.0.10 (TVB597LAN_V3(V1.4.11) Support board v3 and v4.

- 3.0.11 (TVB597LAN_V3(V1.4.12) Included TVBManager v1.4.12.

- 3.0.12 (TVB597LAN_V3(V1.4.13)

- 3.0.13 (TVB597LAN_V3(V1.4.14)

Please refer README.txt or TVBManager_Guide.pdf in the package. Included TVBManager should be used for version compatibility.

Firmware version 2.x.x for TVB597LAN v2

TVB597LAN software: Latest software of TVB597LAN is available from

TVB597LAN v2 does not support NTFS and firmware version ~ v 2.x.x shall be used.

- 2.13.0 (TVB597LAN_V2(1.3.12)

Please refer README.txt or TVBManager_Guide.pdf in the package. Included TVBManager should be used for version compatibility.

How to tell the TVB597LAN firmware version and TVBManager version ?

Use TOOL / UPGRADE FIRMWARE menu to read TVB597LAN firmware version. TVBManager title bar shows TVBManager version number.

Recover TVB597LAN firmware using SD memory card.

1. Prepare SD memory card or SDHC or SDXC memory card.

2. Format the SD memory card from the MS Windows or other OS from the PC as FAT (FAT16 or FAT32) file system. Do not use NTFS file system.

3. make folder "recov" on the top directory of the SD memory card.

4. Get file "TVB597LAN_Vx.x.x.TOT" from for TVB597LAN v3 and from for TVB597LAN v2,

and rename it to TVB597LAN.REC (for 597 and 599) and put to "recov" folder of SD memory card.

5. Turn off the TVB597LAN and install the above SD memory card into TVB597LAN.

6. Turn on the power of TVB597LAN. It will recover firmware automatically. It will take about 60 seconds.

7. Try to connect to it using TVBManager.

8. If this process does not fix, we will need to get the modulator back to us for RMA.