FAQ - TPG430B General

Post date: Sep 28, 2010 6:50:18 AM

1. Need Manual, Application or Firmware?



password: teleview

2. TPG430B would not power on? - Check whether a fuse has blown. - You can also unplug the power cord for 1 min. and reboot TPG430B.

3. No LCD display? - Check the video output with other display equipment. - Check the LCD resolution is 640*480. - Check the cable of TPG430B inside is firmly connected to LCD.

4. If you should press F2 key during booting TPG430B in the cause of the keyboard error and so on. - Please set the "KEYBOARD ERROR" to "NONE" in BIOS menu. - Please replace the mainboard battery if the day/time settings keep changing on their own.

5. How to set the front of TPG430B? - Please close the software first. Go to Start → Run → regedit → HKEY_CURRENT_USER → Software → VB and VBA Program Settings → TPG0590_# →Startup → FrontInputEnabled. Set the date value as "1". Please connect the front cable to the closest PCI card to CPU if there are more than 2 PCI cards in TPG430B.

6. PCI card can not be detected or does not work properly. - Please clean the PCI slot of the PCI board. Use the eraser to very gently rub the gold contacts on the PCI card. - Please seat the PCI card in the different PCI slot.

7. Other technical support - Having problems with a Teleview products? Get in touch with us, sales@teleview.com.